Traditional Collection

This collection features the timeless flat-top hot tub design that has remained in high demand for decades. Spas in the Traditional Collection have soft, flowing lines accentuating the ergonomic seating and jet patterns of the bathing area. Headrests, jets, controls and other components are recessed into the shell resulting in a smooth, modern and integrated appearance.

Acrylic Shell Colors

Like a snowflake no two shells are alike, making your spa one-of-a-kind. Choose your favourite colour to match your personal style and your exterior surroundings perfectly.

Lucite® SPA Acrylic - Is simply the best for providing strength, durability and UV resistance to your spa. EasyCare qualities reduce maintenance to a minimum. With an extra level of protection against mould and mildew by using technology that inhibits the growth of bacteria causing odors or stains between cleaning.

Snow White - No-one can get enough of a classic shell colour that goes with anything and everything! Plain white makes your LED Lighting so effective, your spa can be any colour you desire!

Glacier Mountains - Soft and subtle tones offer a neutral and calm environment. It perfectly ties in with any of our cabinet colours and looks so pretty. 

Tuscan Sun - Ok, this is our 'marmite' shell. You will love it or hate it. It's a marble shell incorporating Black, Grey, Tan, Vanilla & Himalayan Pink Sand. 

Sterling Marble - Still our best selling shell, White with a grey vein.  This shell makes the spa feel it's largest internally. With a marble finish, no two spas will look alike. 

Smokey Mountain - Soft and stylish!  Think Grey, Cream, Latte tones.  A stunning colour to suit any neutral environment. No two spas will look the same. 

Midnight Canyon - Perfect if you're looking for a darker overall look.  This darker shell is predominantly Black, but can include Grey, Tan, Vanilla. No two spas will look the same. 

Ensuring your new spa ties in with your surroundings 

Grandwood Cabinetry Colors


From the realistic wood-like texture to the matte finish, it's no wonder these cabinets are called Grandwood. They feature a tight grain pattern along with subtly varying shades of color.

This subtle variance creates a more realistic look and feel of natural wood.