Swirl Away Pipe Cleaner



Over time grime, bacteria, grit and other debris can accumulate in your hot tubs pipework, flush them out and restore the power to your jets using  Swirl Away®.

The build-up of debris and bacteria within the pipework will lead to a reduction in power and can cause costly faults to occur due to low flow. Regular use of Swirl Away will greatly reduce the risk of this happening and in doing so will lengthen the life of your tub.


Before draining the water, pour in half a bottle of Swirl Away and turn the main pump on for one hour with any air control valves closed and the filter removed, then drain your tub and rinse the spa down to finish the process. Re-fill with fresh water.



  • Cleans the piping of your spa, making a safer bathing environment
  • Increases lifespan of your spa components
  • Restores power to your jets
  • One bottle enough to clean your spa twice


Note: If you’ve owned your hot tub several years and never used Swirl Away pipe cleaner or had a Service, you may be in for a shock when you see what it removes from the pipes! Don’t worry, If the spa looks worse momentarily, it is just doing its job!


DO NOT add Swirl Away to your spa water on a weekly basis, or to water you intend to re-use. Swirl Away is not a clarifier and should only ever be added to the water you are going to drain away.