Filter Cleaning Demonstration


Your new hot tub is equipped with a Microban filter cartridge. To ensure maximum water quality at all times, you should replace the filter cartridge every six months, or earlier as necessary. The filter cartridge is designed to be thrown away! Attempts to re-use the filter cartridge may result in the re-release of unwanted particles back into the hot tub.

  • Turn off power at iscolation point.
  • Remove drinks tray.
  • Release Pressure from filter housing by releasing bleed screw.
  • Then release filter retainer ring by turning anti-clockwise.
  • Peel back the filter head on an angle to break the seal.
  • Then remove filter by lifting out.
  • Once the filter is out clean it weekly, and replace monthly.
  • Use a filter wand connected to a garden hose to throughly clean the filter.
  • To reinstall the filter reverse the removal process.
  • Leave the bleed screw loose, and turn on the power supply. 
  • The spa will now prime and release the airlocks.
  • Once water comes past the bleed nipple you can tighten the bleed nipple by hand.
  • Then replace the drinks tray cover.



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