Filter Wand


  • Brand: Life
  • Product Code: Spa Filter Wand


Cleaning your Filters is one of the simplest and most important things you can do to prevent Low Flow Issues, Pumps working overtime and spa water from becoming cloudy. 

This convenient Handheld filter wand does all of the work for you and reaches between each and every paper pleat. Simply attach to your garden hose and flick the switch.


– Save money on replacement filters!

– No messy spray-back

– Substantially decreases water-wastage

– Cleans 8 Pleats at a time in one simple action.

– Reduces filter cleaning time by more than 50%

– 8 fingers operate to open and separate 8 cartridge pleats in one simple action.

– 8 fan nozzles each spray a wide, high-pressure radius to flush and clean both sides of all 8 pleats in one single downward stroke.

– Suitable for use on pool or spa cartridge filters.