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Filters are one of the most important things in the Hot Tub.

A blocked filter can cause endless water quality issues, costing you time and money adjusting chemical levels.

But not only that, a blocked filter will also put undue strain on a pump, which could cost you hundreds of pounds to have replaced / repaired.

To prevent a low flow error, misty water and damaged pumps… simply rinse your filter a minimum of once per week and soak your filter once a month, overnight, in this convenient Filter Bath.

These specifically Designed baths are tailored to keep your water and chemical usage to a minimum. Lid Included to keep your filter submersed in the Filter Cleaning Solution.


Internal Size: 

3 Different Heights Available – Choose from Selection List

15.5cm Diameter


Filter Care Tips:

– Rinse Filter(s) with Filter Wand Once A Week – Minimum

– Swap your Filter(s) with a spare / spare set Every Month. 

– Soak Filter(s) in Filter Bath Once A Month – Only overnight or they will sweat

– Do Not force dry your filter(s), leave them to dry out naturally.

– Drying a filter allows the fibres to properly knit back together making them more effective at removing dirt from your spa.

– Replace your Filter(s) Every 6 Months.  If you have two Filter(s) that you alternate Monthly, replace the pair once per year.

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40.5cm, 68.5cm, 81cm