Thinking of going away throughout the Winter?
If you’re planning on going away for some summer sun and you’re hot tub is not in use, it should be put to sleep safely to save any unexpected costs in the Spring.
‘Winterising’ your hot tub is a way of putting your spa to sleep having removed ALL water from the system.
If water remains in the pipelines & plumbing, this can freeze and crack your pipework, causing the spa to leak, once set back up.
We can carry out a complete winterisation on any hot tub and we warrant our work.
The first thing we would do is switch the spa off, disconnect your hot tub from the electrical supply and completely drain it.
If you’re trying to do this yourself, you can use a submersible pump or you will need to remove the drain plug located somewhere on the bottom of the tub or inside the cabinet. Consult your handbook to find the location if it is not instantly visible.
Some drain plugs are threaded so that you can attach a garden hose to it and drain the water away.
If you decide to do this, don’t be tempted to use the water on your garden. The chemicals it contains could be harmful to plants.
You MUST remove all water from the entire system… 
If you have an air blower installed, you will need to get any standing water out of the pipes. First, turn off the heating element so that it doesn’t burn out due to there being no water in the system.
Then plug the hot tub back in and run the air blower for a few minutes. This will drive out any excess water in the pipes.
Unplug the tub again once done.
Remove the Filters for Cleaning… 
This is a good time to clean the hot tub filters. Remove them, and then clean them with a hose.
Once you have fully rinsed the filters, we would advise that they are soaked overnight in an approved filter cleaning agent, then re-rinsed, then stored away somewhere safe and dry, ready to be put back into the hot tub after the winter.
Remove Standing Water from Pipes… 
You will need a wet vac for this.
First disconnect all internal pipework from the pumps and heater.
Now you will want to get your wet vac and starting with the highest jets, suck all of the water out of each. Work your way down the spa to the lowest jets and finally the footwell.  Then use chamois leathers to thoroughly dry the spa shell.
Clean the Tub and the Cover… 
Do not use any household products to clean your spa.
We can supply spa safe products which will ensure you’re spa surface is kept at its best.
Clean the inside of the tub itself, and also clean the cover inside and out with warm water.
Make sure to allow both to dry fully before replacing the cover on the hot tub or the spa can sweat.
Remove all pillows and store inside a safe, dry place.
And that’s it; this is the last thing you need to do to winterise your hot tub.
Don’t forget – when you come to refill the spa, you will need to re-connect all disconnected plumbing first!