In 16 years we have NEVER Been able to offer discounts like this…. 

We are working hard on reducing our running costs as a business and passing on any savings to you! We are also working with Coast Spas to ensure any discounts that may be available are applied. 

We can now offer up to 50% off of various models and we have over 100 models in stock! 

DON’T MISS OUT – These savings mean that you can not only now afford a spa that would normally be over budget, without compromising on quality – BUT it also means that the running costs for the first 12-24 months are covered. 

If a Coast Spa was costing circa £30 per month to run pre-energy rises. Even if you triple that, these colossal savings cover that outlay for 12-24 months at least. 

*Model, usage age and tariff dependant.