Reduce your Running Costs
With the rise in energy costs we are trying to help as many of you as possible keep those dreaded bills down.
Coast Spas may have one of the highest quality foam insulation in the industry, but there are still things you can do to reduce your costs even further.
– Shop around for the best provider / tariff for your electricity.
– Ensure you keep the cover on at all times, except when you want to actually use the spa.
– Check the condition of your cover. Approximately 60% of heat escapes through the surface of the hot tub. To reduce this you need a well-insulated cover, that is in good condition. Adding a cover lifter onto this as well will make it easier to lift and keep it in good condition for longer.
– Ensure your hot tub cover is secured down properly, and that your skirt is sitting flush against the side of the spa to keep as much heat as possible inside.
– Clean / Change filters regularly = Spa filters that are clogged or worn out can make your pump work overtime and cause your heating element to perform less efficiently, wasting electricity and money. 
– Keep your spa at a constant temperature, even when not using it. 
– Place your spa into some sort of shelter (for example: a gazebo) / a sheltered area of the garden. 
– When changing the spa water, fill the spa up with already warm water. 
– Change your hot tub to filtrate less frequently everyday.  
– If you do want to reduce the temperate in your spa, do this gradually. You want the water to cool down slowly. 
– Turn off the air diverters when you are not using the spa.