SpaFrog Mineral Cartridge



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1 x Replacement SpaFrog Mineral Cartridge. 


The SPA FROG Floating System is an innovative sanitising system that can be used in ANY Hot Tub.

It creates fresh mineral water in your hot tub, which keeps the water sanitised without using chemicals, like chlorine.

It reduces bromine use significantly (from 2 or 3ppm to just 1ppm) which prevents faded swimsuits and possible bleached spa components.

If you’re not a fan of constantly adding bromine or chlorine granules to your hot tub and you are looking for something to offer you less maintenance, this is perfect for you!

The long lasting pre-filled cartridges offer you a mess-free and hassle-free alternative to Chlorine.

With less effect on pH, there’s less monitoring and adjusting the water balance too.

The extra benefit to mineral water is that the spa has a soft feeling on your skin and a fresh smell.

And mineral water is EPA registered as an effective bacteria remover so you can feel confident that the water is as safe and clean as it looks.


How Does The Spa Frog Work?

Attached to the floating device are two cartridges: one mineral and one bromine.

This unit floats in your hot tub, keeping the water sanitised at all times, until it’s time to replace them.

The mineral cartridge will last until your next drain and refill, which is every 3 months.

You will need to use Bromine Test Strips to help you find the right bromine level for FROG products, (1ppm) and keep an eye on your pH levels.