45sqft Microban Filter (WY45M)


  • Brand: Filters
  • Product Code: WY45M

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50 sq. ft. paper Filter, with added Microban layer. Fits some Coast Spas.

Top Diameter : 150mm
Length : 204mm
Top Hole : Semi-Circle Handle
Bottom Hole: 49mm
Media (Sq. Feet) : 50

Always measure your existing filter to ensure your replacement is exactly the same size. Incorrectly fitting filters can cause water quality issues and flow errors.

What is Microban and why is it in my Filter Cartridge?

Microban is an antimicrobial blend that is added to products such as cutting boards, bath mats, children’s toys and pool cartridges to prevent/slow the growth of harmful microorganisms.

The Microban blend is great at keeping bacteria, algae and mould from sinking it’s teeth into your cartridges, extending their lifespan and filter quality.

However, do NOT get it confused with sanitation chemicals such as Chlorine or Bromine.

If you install a Microban cartridge/filter, the same amount of chlorine or other sanitation chemicals will be required to keep your water clear.

Microban material prevents the growth of those nasty slimy things on the cartridges themselves, but it does not prevent their spread elsewhere to parts like skimmers or water features.