Everyday customers ask us “should I have my spa serviced?”. The answer is – Yes.

If you’ve had your Hot Tub a year – you are due a service.

Hot Tubs are like cars or expensive watches – the more care that you invest into them, the longer you’ll be able to enjoy them.

It is important to have a full service at least every 12 months, this will keep your hot tub in the best condition and prevent any future problems occurring.

Servicing includes a complete system flush to bring power back to your jets, by removing any dead skin, chemical build-up and limescale from the pipework.

We offer various service packages to suit all Hot tub makes, models and of course – your budget.

Our services extend to one-off quarterly water changes / winter shut-down / weekly chemical balancing and more.

So whatever you’re looking for from your service, we can help!

  • Annual Service on any spa.
  • Staining Wooden Cabinets & Accessories.
  • Mini; Drain, Re-fill & Clean (Either on a Quarterly account or as a one-off).
  • Winterising your Spa.
  • Chemical Schooling & Spa set-up (Ideal if you have inherited a spa).
  • Thorough Biofilm Eliminator Service (Suggested for ‘Inherited’ or ‘Pre-owned’ Spas).
  • Softub Servicing.
  • Swimspa Servicing.

We can be as flexible as you need us to be. We can even quote you for a customised maintenance plan to suit all of your requirements. Tell us what you need and we’ll do the rest!

If we come across anything that requires a repair or replacement, this can be discussed, quoted for and even carried out site, on all Hot tub Brands.

Having been established since 2006, we stock 1000’s of Hot tub & Swimspa parts, so if you are experiencing problems or would just like to freshen your spa up with new pillows etc. please get in touch.

Please get in touch for advice or quotations.


T: 01327 359191


E: service@hottubsathome.co.uk