2019 Is a year of Celebrations for Hot Tubs At Home – Coast Spas specialist based in Towcester, Northamptonshire. 


Hot Tubs At Home were presented with Two prestigious awards at this years International Dealer Meeting – held in Vancouver, Canada, January 2019. And are also celebrating their TENTH year as a Coast Spas Ambassador this year.


This years prestigious Coast Spas Awards included: Social Media Masters Award and the Elite Presidents Club Award.


“We are very proud to recieve these awards on behalf of our entire Team at Hot Tubs At Home. They deserve this recognition for the standards they uphold and the extra mile they go to to ensure our customers recieve the very best level of service and aftercare they expect & deserve.” – Boasts Company Director, Daren Angood.


Whilst Sales Manager, Jennifer goes on to say “It’s a really positive start to the year for us as we have an exciting Showroom re-build happening in the coming months – so lots of exciting things to celebrate and promote in 2019!”



Why did you choose to sell Coast Spas?


Unlike a franchise – where retailers buy into a concept and are contracted to sell a certain brand under certain guidelines – Hot Tubs At Home independantly took on the Internationally recognised Hot Tub brand back in 2009, and have helped to build a strong presence here in the UK by offering uncompromised value for money and promoting all of the exclusive features the brand has to offer.


“We had been trading since 2006 and learnt a lot in a short time about what customers wanted and what worked for us as a business. We had started our buinsess with Arctic Spas as our main brand, but these quickly became too expensive to retail as we were buying from a UK Distributor. We changed supplier to Dimension One Spas but found we encountered exactly the same problem. We had been looking for a new Hot Tub Manufacturer who could tick all of our boxes in terms of quality – design – support and cost. It was the Exclusive, commercial grade filtration system that first attracted us to Coast Spas as a brand” Explains Daren, Company Director. “Coast Spas Design and Innovation stands out from the crowd and allows us to offer exclusive features and benefits to our customers that no other retailer can. It gives us the winning edge and makes us different.”

“Once we had met the Team at Coast Spas, at their Manufacturing facilty in Vancouver, Canada, we knew it was the right brand for us.”


What benefits are there to buying directly from a Manufacturer?


Jennifer – Company Sales Manager says “buying directly from a Manufacturer was the best decisions we ever made. Cutting out a middle-man distributor means we can offer a very high quality product for less than any other retailer importing via a third party”.


“It also gives us huge amounts of control. We are in charge of our own business and our own destiny – we don’t have a Distributor telling us what to stock, what price to sell for or how many spas we have to sell. Which means we can use our 13 years of experience in this industry to stock what customers want at prices they are prepared to pay”. Hot Tubs At Home are regularly recognised for their commitment to exceptional online marketing and exciting roadshows !



Why did you still sell Coast Spas 10 years on?

Sales Manager, Jennifer tells us that the success of this partnership between Hot Tubs at Home Retailer and Coast Spas Manufacturing is based on mutual respect and an understanding of each others businesses and how they support each other.
“Without a Manufacturer who constantly innovates and offers exceptional value for money, we would have no product, and without dedicated retailers like ourselves, Coast Spas would not be able to reach as many prospective customers in the way that we do. Their focus is on innovation design and manufacture. Our focus is customer experience, education and aftercare”.

Over the past 13 years of business we have recieved continuous 5 Star reviews across many social and review platforms, which further firms our relationship with Coast Spas.

What Awards have you receieved?


Over the past 13 years, Hot Tubs At Home have scooped many Industry awards. Coast Spas Manufacturing have recognised Hot Tubs At Home’s level of customer service, aftercare and promotion of the brand and awarded them with many prestigious Coast Spas awards. “These Awards are received with pride, it’s always great to know your hard work is recognised” Says Office Manager, Tony.

  • 2007 – Dimension One Spas: Best New Dealer Award
  • 2008 – Softub: Best New Dealer Award
  • 2009 – Coast Spas Outstanding Achievement, Level 1
  • 2010 – Coast Spas Outstanding Achievement, Level 2
  • 2011 – Coast Spas Outstanding Achievement, Level 2
  • 2012 – Coast Spas Outstanding Growth
  • 2012 – Coast Spas Outstanding Customer Service (Europe)
  • 2012 – Coast Spas Outstanding Achievement, Level 2
  • 2013 – Coast Spas Outstanding Achievement, Level 2
  • 2014 – Coast Spas Outstanding Growth, International
  • 2014 – Coast Spas Outstanding Customer Service (Europe)
  • 2014 – Coast Spas Platinum Club Award
  • 2015 – Coast Spas Platinum Club Award
  • 2016 – Coast Spas Presidents Club Award
  • 2016 – Coast Spas Social Media Masters Award
  • 2016 – HTAH Decade Award (Showroom 10th Anniversary 2006 – 2016)
  • 2017 – Coast Spas Presidents Club Award
  • 2017 – Coast Spas Social Media Masters Award
  • 2018 – Coast Spas Social Media Masters Award
  • 2018 – Coast Spas Presidents Club Award
  • 2019 – Coast Spas 10 Year Coast Spas Ambassador Award

How do Coast Spas feel about Hot Tubs At Home?

“Hot tubs @ Home is the shining standard of top level customer service and professionalism. Owners Jen and Daren Angood have consistently honoured the Coast Spas brand emulating our core with their unwavering dedication to their loyal customers.  For ten years we’ve been fortunate to have the team at the multi awarding-winning Hot Tubs @ Home represent Coast Spas. Congratulations on all your success!” – CEO, Patricia Diamente.