Swimspas are a really hot topic right now – They are the perfect for solution for convenient fitness at home.

  • No Gym Membership Fees
  • No Driving
  • No Parking
  • No Public changing area
  • No Swimming around other people
  • No Membership Fees

Whether you’re an athlete, an injury sufferer, an avid gym-goer or just an average person wanting to get healthy, a Swimspa is right for you!


Aside from the above mentioned benefits, there are more… 

  • No need for planning permission or expensive groundworks
  • No plumbing required
  • No ugly pump housing enclosures


Just 365 days a year of convenient wellbeing in your very own garden! And if you move, you can take it with you, they are completely portable.

Exercising underwater is the best form of exercise, taking all weight off of your joints and promoting great blood flow. Invest in a Swimspa and you’ll never look back!

If you’ve never tried one, call us today to book a FREE wet test in our running model and see what you think.