Spa Vac


  • Brand: Paradise
  • Product Code: Spa Vac

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A simple, plus inexpensive solution for cleaning and removing dirt from the base of your spa or pool!  Features: 

  • Self-contained spa vacuum with aluminium extendable pole, suitable for water depths as deep as 7 foot.
  • No Pump or water hook-up required
  • No Batteries required
  • Picks up rocks, dirt, pennies, sand, marbles, etc…

How it Works: 

  1. Place your thumb over the small hole at the top of the Spa Vac pole, then place the Spa Vac into your Spa or Pool, making sure to fully submerge the debris chamber….
  2. Release your thumb to open up the small hole at the top of the Spa Vac pole. Any sand, dirt, pebbles, will easily be sucked into the clear polycarbonate debris chamber.
  3. Continue the process until the Spa or Pool is clean.
  4. When cleaning is complete, simply remove the lower cap assembly to empty out the contents.