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A Covana is not just an easy to use hot tub tub cover, it also acts as an automated gazebo.

The OASIS Covana is available in 2 different colours, Mocha and Slate, with two optional roof styles : DARLING / SHINGLE
When closed, it’s water tight seal reduces the spa’s running cost due to its superior insulation value whilst being lockable to prevent undesired access.
With just the turn of a key a modern, elegant, gazebo appears in just 20 seconds.
Screen Shot 2020-10-28 at 16.07.46.png
Screen Shot 2020-10-28 at 16.08.11.png
The LED lighting system inside the roof is designed to create a warm, relaxing atmosphere due to its seven light settings on offer.
It’s design creates an intimate space which protects you from natures elements and to improve your experiences even further there are retractable shades available as an option.
These retractable shades simply roll down when closing your Covana.
They also help create a private setting protecting you from curious onlookers whilst you relax in your hot tub. When the shades are lowered you have the added benefit of an enclosed gazebo structure alongside the ease of an automated cover system.
The screens are priced separately on the website and available in printed designs, solid material or a light mesh.
If you’d prefer not to fix the Covana to the floor surface, Covana offer optional non-permanent mounting plates which the spa sits on top of. The weight of the spa securely holds down the Oasis in place, eliminating any need for bolting the structure down. Priced at £395.00 (per set of 4).
Covana’s have many benefits, here are some listed below.
  • FULLY AUTOMATED – Less effort, more comfort. The Covana elevates and lowers using a single key to eliminate any handing effort.
  • ENERGY SAVING – Covana’s have above-industry standard insulation value making it the most efficient cover on the market. It’s water-tight seal minimises water evaporation therefore saving water, energy and maintenance product costs.
  • DURABILITY – The cover will last as long as your spa thanks to its rigid, aluminium structure.
  • UNIVERSAL – Compatible with most brands and sizes of spas.
OASIS COVANA Dimensions – 300cm x 300cm
The minimum spa height this Covana can house is 86cm high, with the maximum being 122cm.
Our Covana’s all run off a 13AMP electric supply, this needs to be a separate supply to the on e which will run your hot tub.
Our OASIS Covana pricing includes VAT.
If you require any more information or delivery and installation pricing please do not hesitate to contact us on 01327 359191.

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Mocha, Slate

OASIS Roof Pattern

Darling, Shingle

Optional - Retractable Shade

Mesh, Mural Island, Mural Zen, No Shades, Solid

Optional - Mounting Plates

Mounting Plates x 4, No Mounting Plates