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Aquark Mr. Silence 7kw Heat Pump

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Aquark Mr. Silence 7kw Heat Pump


The 7kw Aquark Mr. Silence Heat Pump is an energy efficient way to regulate water temperature to your spa. Offers Savings on your hot tub heating bills all year around.

Save on energy bills with an Air Source Heat Pumps

With energy bills increasing there has never been a better time to invest in the Mr. Silence 7KW Air Source Heat Pump; the efficient way of heating your hot tub. They can be used all year round giving great savings on energy bills. Air source heat pumps are an energy-efficient and economical way of heating your hot tub or swim spa. They have already proved to be beneficial for heating homes, commercial spaces or swimming pools and now they have become increasingly popular for hot tubs.

The benefits of the Aquark Mr. Silence 7kw Heat Pump

Inverpad® is a revolutionary technology created by Aquark Electric Limited with the mentality of changing 50 years of tradition in the pool heat pump industry: boring design and noisy operation. It perfectly combines unique Pad Appearance, Stepless DC Inverter and Noise Cancelling technology together. With extreme silence, enjoy the peace of mind by Mr Silence. Thanks to the patented airstream design technology, the sound level of Mr Silence is as low as a fridge. Benefiting from stepless DC inverter technology, the Mr Silence speed will be adjusted intelligently according to the environment and water temperature.

How does a Aquark Mr. Silence 7kw Heat Pump work?

Heat pumps heat up the water by extracting natural heat from the outside air. The heat pump fan draws in the air and directs it over the evaporator coil which contains an advanced liquid refrigerant. The air turns into a gas which is then compressed to increase the heat. This hot gas passes through the heat exchanger which transfers the heat from the hot gas to water and heats it up.

Aquark Mr. Silence 7kw Heat Pump Warranty Includes:

10 years compressor, 5 years Heat Exchange, 3 Years Spare Parts

Average COP:


Frequently Asked Questions

What does COP rating mean? The Coefficient Of Performance (COP) is a performance rating that tells us how effective a heat pump is at transferring heat versus the amount of electrical power it consumes. Do I need a plug socket? No the heat pump is wired directly into your board, so no additional power is required. Can I cover the heat pump? No, the heat pump draws in ambient air in order to operate so the air let needs to be kept clear. What warranty comes with the heat pump?  2-5 years warranty, depending on the model. How far away from the tub can I place the heat pump? The unit should be located on a solid flat surface with a slight rearward slope. For optimal performance, ensure 3 meters (9 feet) of free air flow to the discharge panel and 1 meter (3 feet) to the inlet panel as well as free airflow to all sides of the unit. Ensure adequate access for maintenance purposes. How do I get the Air Source Heat Pump installed?   We can install the Air Source Heat Pump for you.  This will take between 4-5 hours. Contact us for fitting costs. 

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