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A Sauna is a great place to get away from the everyday stresses in your life, whisking you away from distractions like social media and work. 
Having a sauna in your home gives you the spa experience without the travel. 
The Audra barrel sauna is a traditional steam sauna. The spacious interior is large enough to comfortably sit 2-4 individuals. 
Assembled size – 183 x 183 x 196cm
Interior Room Size – 180 x 130 x 180cm
This simple design is highly effective as in a barrel-shaped sauna, you’ll notice that there’s just as much useable space but with less overall area. Less overall area means less space to heat which means that the barrel sauna will heat up faster than a conventional box sauna. This sauna will only take around 20-30 minutes to heat up. 
The seating arrangement gives you the luxury of lounging back and allowing your spine to be cradled in the curvature of the sauna wall. Or you can sit up straight against the flat wall and stretch out your legs along the bench.
The Audra is constructed with rustic cedar, rustic fir, or clear cedar, which are soft lumbers that act as excellent insulators. The lumber is thick and insulating, keeping the heat from your sauna inside. Like all of our barrel saunas, the Audra allows for maximum heat circulation because of the curved walls. The heat is constantly flowing, allowing for a full and rejuvenating sauna experience. 
The sauna is mounted on polymer support cradles that keep the undercarriage of the sauna from coming in direct contact with any moisture on the ground.

This sauna also features high quality stainless-steel hardware, a thick tempered glass door, and long easy-to-open cylindrical door handle. Along with all of our barrel saunas, the Audra includes a standard LED light bar to give your sauna a soft accented glow.

The Audra is designed using a ball-and-socket profile held in place by stainless steel bands. Minimal fasteners are used to show off the natural and smooth wood.
The Audra comes with a 6kW stainless steel heater and sauna stones. The sauna will heat to as much as 90°C in under an hour. The ideal temperature to use your sauna at is 60-70°C.
Sprinkle water on the hot sauna stones for a rejuvenating burst of steam. This can be repeated multiple times throughout the sauna session as a way to add humidity to you dry sauna.
With the Audra sauna, by taking the front round section and setting it back into the sauna, we’ve created a visually appealing and useful outside sitting area—a place to hold towels or drinks or to serve as a relaxing place to cool off between sauna rounds.
Saunas have great health benefits, here are some listed below… 
ENHANCED IMMUNE SYSTEM – A sauna doesn’t just help get impurities out; it also helps your body strengthen it’s immune system.  As your core temperature increases, your body is tricked into believing that you have a fever, so it kicks up its production of white blood cells. Using a sauna is one way to decrease your chances of getting knocked off your feet by cold or flu.
INCREASED BLOOD CIRCULATION – This happens because the heat causes your heart to beat faster, and your blood vessels to widen. This helps blood make its way around your body much more freely.
RELIEVES STRESS – The heat your expose to in a sauna will increase your heart rate which also increases the release of endorphins. These ‘feel good’ chemicals help you relax and feel happier in yourself.
PAIN RELIEF – Being immersed in a pocket of hot air is good therapy for sore joints and achy muscles. For those who suffer from arthritis or other painful ailments, a sauna can be a good way to find relief; for those who live an active, physically demanding lifestyle, a sauna is a good way to reward your body for doing everything you require of it.
CALORIE BURN AND WEIGHT LOSS – Sitting in a hot environment causes an aerobic effect: your heart rate increases which causes your metabolism to rise which prompts your body to burn more calories. Using a sauna regularly can be a satisfying addition to any fitness program, a way to keep things fresh and fun. 
Note: it is important to rehydrate after a sauna session, replacing any water weight you may have lost.
A sauna kit is included when purchasing a sauna, it contains a 6Kw heater with an integrated control unit, sauna stones and an accessory box. 
Saunas need to sit on a flat, solid base to ensure they are sturdy and safe.
This Sauna runs off a 32AMP supply as it requires an 6Kw heater (heater included in the package price).
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The Audra Barrell Sauna

The Audra Barrell Sauna