Burning Stump


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Outdoor living is the new lifestyle choice and one of our exclusive range of gas-powered ‘fire pits’ will allow you to make more use, in greater comfort, of your outdoor space.

Another of our gorgeous Fire Pits, designed to make your ‘outdoor experience’ more pleasurable and extend it further into the evening.

The ‘Burning Stump’ manifests as a section of tree with a ‘living flame’ burning in the middle and its appearance will make it the focal point of an evening on the patio. Complemented by the matching gas cylinder cover this cleverly designed, gas-powered fire pit will be applauded by all who enjoy the warmth and comfort it brings.

Cast from ‘eco-stone’ with a realistic sawn timber surface and stripped trunk texture below, this fire pit has a rustic appearance that will significantly enhance the atmosphere of the space it heats. The flickering flames and hot coals at the centre of the trunk will provide a very comfortable source of heat and the portable fire pit can be easily moved to a new location to change the ambience of outdoor space.

A new concept in patio heaters, designed in the USA to enhance the outdoor spaces in your home or garden with a uniquely designed piece of garden furniture that serves a practical purpose.

The attraction is not only the beautiful and natural appearance of this patio heater; the physical comfort of those in the vicinity is greatly improved not only by the actual increase in surrounding temperature but by the important psychological perception provided by the visible flames, easily controllable in this gas-powered fire pit.


Complete with gas bottle cover and full weather cover for the fire pit…

All outdoor gas heaters are CE marked and supplied with a 6kg propane gas bottle cover that is made from GRC to match the material of the chosen portable ‘fire pit’. Additionally, a full weather cover is provided for the patio heater, together with full operating and maintenance instructions.

The Burning Stump fire pit is very easy to operate with a single control knob similar to many gas appliances, simply push and twist the knob, holding it in until the ‘pilot’ is established before turning the knob further to ignite the main burner. The ignition is battery powered (single AAA battery supplied) which is easily accessible and will only require replacement very infrequently. Once lit, the flame and thus heat output is easily adjustable by turning the control knob to achieve the desired heat output and flame effect, turning the control fully clockwise will extinguish the flame.