Curve Collection

Featuring our exclusive 24” Fusion Waterfall and a raised curve back that protects bathers from the elements. Easily adjust the flow of the waterfall to gently pour over your shoulders for the ultimate hydrotherapy experience or create an incredible ceiling of water for the kids to play under. The Curve Collection is unique, luxurious and a step above the rest.

The Curve Collection Includes

  • 24″ Adjustable Waterfall
  • Owens Corning® Fiberglass Shell with 1 1/4″ Steel Reinforcement
  • Protective Ground-Shield Barrier
  • Pressure Treated Frame
  • Programmable Filtration
  • Quick-Access™ Gate Valves
  • Structural Foam Insulation
  • Plush Headrests
  • Multi-Level Ergonomic Seating
  • Recessed Thread-In Jet-Pockets™
  • Stainless Steel Trillium Jets
  • Beverage Holders
  • Anti-Slip Textured Floor
  • Super-Sealed™ Barb & Clamp Plumbing
  • Recessed Floor Drain

Exclusive 24″ Waterfall

Largest Waterfall on Any Hot Tub

This continuous blade of water measures a full two feet across and is fully lit with vibrant LED Lights. Fully adjustable, the 24″ waterblade can explode into the middle of your hot tub or softly drop into the spa.

At one time waterfalls were just to add soothing sounds and a relaxing ambiance to your spa. Coast Spas® changes that by putting you into the waterfall, giving you a feeling of pure relaxation and complete tranquility. Our largest water feature comes standard on nearly all of our Curve and Cascade Series Spas.

Lit Carbon Fiber Corners

Add Carbon Fiber Corners to Your Synthetic Cabinet

Beautiful 9" wide durable synthetic cabinets are available with our exclusive Lit Carbon Fiber protective corners. These innovative corners light up at night, automatically triggered by the included ambient light sensor. If an Extreme Lighting Package is installed on your spa, each corner will light up to match the color of light in your hot tub. Each synthetic panel is lined with a thick layer of dense foam topped with a heat reflective foil, preventing heat loss and saving energy.

True Pressurised Filtration

Hydro Cyclonic Filtration System

This system comes with the largest filter available in any hot tub. Coast Spas has the only spas that can accept a 175 sq.ft. filter. In North America it is law for any commercial establishment to have a closed pressurized filtration system on any public pool or hot tub. Not only is it more efficient and faster than a skim filtration system but it also removes the dirty filter canisters from the bathing area.

Without a pressurized system, once the water flow to the filter subsides, the debris that was caught in the filter is free to float back into the spa and re-contaminate the water. We like this idea about as much as sitting in the water with the dirty filters. So Coast Spas developed the Hydro Cyclonic Filtration System®. This is a commercial-grade, pressurized filtration system with the filter canister completely removed from the bathing area and coupled with an oversized skimmer.

Acrylic Shell Colors

Like a snowflake no two shells are alike, making your spa one-of-a-kind. Our acrylic shells are UV resistant, backed with multiple layers of Owens Corning Fiberglass and made to endure the most extreme environments. Our large collection of shell color options make it easy to choose a fi nish that compliments your interior or exterior space.

Canadian AAA-Grade Cedar

Our DIY Cedar comes ready to be painted varnished or stained so you can customize your spa to match your backyard perfectly.

All-Weather Woodgrain Cabinet

Available with Carbon Fiber Corners with integrated exterior lighting.

Maintenance Free Synthetic

Horizontal board profile